Gifts of Subtle Touch

Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy

“The hands are not transmitters, they are not doing anything, they are a symbol of being in touch and convey a felt sense of relationship. Genetic expression is powered by relationship. Love is a relationship.The hands are simply receivers. The practitioner does nothing, he listens; he listens with all his senses in full attention to the client and from the heart, not the analytic brain. There is no diagnosis, prognosis or treatment plan, the practitioner listens and as the trust in the process develops, and the client begins to feel that there is, perhaps for the first time ever, someone fully there for her, then the conditions are present in which she can begin to have the courage to explore her long and deeply buried trauma. There is no treatment as such, the hearing is the healing and the more profound the listening, the deeper the healing.”
-Mike Boxhall RCST.,FCSTA.