Inner Wisdom

Unlocking Inner Wisdom -:- Whispers from the Heart

You are all greater than the sum of your parts.

The parts you see are not the whole.

Some have been over shadowed by pains and confusion.

This light that lives within you and dwells in your heart soul is a key
to unlocking the mysteries that remain hidden.

Know that you are even greater than the sum of your parts.

My path has brought me to teachers who have shared with me these core concepts that aide in the embodiment of person-hood and the reclaiming of personal space which allows for an experience of knowing your place in relationship with the intelligence that moves through each of us-


There was something there that wasn’t quite right.

It did however bring me to a place of acknowledging the resistance, the aversion

and expectations that have been in me all along.

And now,

I can let those go.

Consider the possibility that what happens here, on Earth, is only one small piece of a very large puzzle- a web of connectivity- that reaches beyond what our minds may be capable of grasping.
Think Galacticaly.
Know that what we choose to do here matters. Not just for ourselves. Not just for the human race.
Not just for all life on Earth or for the Earth itself. But instead has an impact on ALL of Creation.
The seen and unseen. The known and unknowable.
The ALL that IS and ever shall BE.
You matter and are a valuable piece of the puzzle.
Simply being you, just as you are is enough.