Love cures people - both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.

Deep gratitude to each who allow themselves to receive and as a result give practitioners such as myself the gift of opportunity to engage with this work and to be changed by it along with you.
Thank you.


“Upon entering Stacy’s space and presence, I experience a wave of calm. Her spirit invites me to rest before I even get on the table. Stacy’s approach to bodywork through Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, is unique and vital. I have received bodywork for years, from a variety of therapists and Stacy has a way of working with the whole body that is rare. After receiving her work, I feel grounded and connected to myself on every level: heart, mind, body, and spirit. I always leave feeling as though my deepest needs have been addressed, even the ones I was unaware of. Her work brings into light what must be seen. Stacy makes space for my body to heal; she never forces her own agenda into the treatment, instead listens deeply and supports the organic process with a love that is precious.”
Angela S., Massage Therapist

“Stacy’s Biodynamic Cranial is awesome!
Stacy’s work is profoundly relaxing and healing! I highly recommend experiencing biodynamic cranial or biodynamic massage from her.”    K.M., Massage Therapist

“Stacy Darby is a profoundly gifted healer. She is a naturally gifted spiritual healer whose loving presence alone begins to heal the patient. Her further training in Reiki, therapeutic massage and body work allows her to address the issues in her clients on many levels. Her healing presence and being, the result of life long spiritual practice, have a deep effect, bringing about deep healing transformation, vitality and balance, to the patient. Some people train in healing, Stacy IS that healing presence.”  
Paul, Tea Master

Gentle and Kind
"Stacy is a caring person with great technique and knowledge. She is jargon free and just acts"normal"and not "New Age" trendy. She can disarm you with her abilities because she is so low key and avoids attention on herself. I am amazed at how much she has helped me."
  Michael Eichler, Play Write

Stacy is a divine instrument of healing energy and vibration. She is a healer, a warm energy and has a great intuition on what is needed in the body and in the soul. deep gratitude for her and Gaealana. ” David H.

“Stacy is a gifted healer. During her treatments I feel that I am being attended to on a deep level. The way in which she holds space for the sacred quality of the session creates an atmosphere in which I am able to trust and feel held. This is the space where true healing happens.”
Monica R. L.Ac

My session with Stacy was absolutely wonderful! After making a huge transition in my life, the two hours of massage and healing energy was “just what the doctor ordered”! I left the session with more calmness to all levels of my Being. More old patterns and energies were cleared and released and it helped me anchor in this new “book” (not just a chapter) in my life. I’ll be seeing Stacy on a regular basis during this transition. I highly recommend her incredible heart and work.”

“Thank you, Stacy!
I was blessed to have my first massage with Stacy Darby yesterday. I had taken two bad falls in the past week so really needed some TLC! Stacy’s massage was not only amazing for sore muscles but was so calming to my body, mind and spirit. Thank you, Stacy! ” 

J. Rhine

“Stacy is simply the best!
I had been looking for someone since my full time masseuse was injured and I found Stacy at Gaealana. She knows what she’s doing and hits up every nook and crany on my back. She’s excellent, professional and shows great detail and passion in her work. She’s my go to person for massage maintenance in Portland.”

A. Clay, Professor

“Stacy has a special gift – her intuitive touch. Her creative style of deep tissue therapeutic massage, which she blends with masterful energy work, promotes a relaxing yet totally rejuvenating experience.”

I went to Stacy originally to get assistance in managing stress from my very busy law job. I was no stranger to traditional massage therapy having seen many practitioners previously. Receiving from Stacy these last two years has fundamentally changed my life. She is caring, wise, respectful and intuitive. She blends Reiki energy work with massage therapy and does so with incredible wisdom and empathy. My life is so much richer and calmer because of her guidance and skill. I am very grateful for her amazing abilities as a healer.”  
Mike G.

“Suffering from a physical ailment that had me stressed, I decided to try Reiki as a way to relax.  It certainly provided a deep physical relaxation but, much to my surprise, I discovered that the treatments were also addressing my emotional side.  The anxiety, fear and helplessness I was feeling began to disappear – sometimes immediately after a therapy session.  I attribute much of my progress to Stacy’s mastery of Reiki’s subtleties.  She is an extremely caring, sensitive and gifted practitioner of this healing modality.  I am now ailment free and I attribute much of my healing to the power of Reiki.”   
Patricia Berg

“My stressful daily grind, combined with my “weekend warrior” sporting activities, means that I need a therapist who’s experienced and effective in what she does. I also want someone with a positive and upbeat approach who can help me restore my personal balance. Stacy does that for me.” 
Dave, Business Consultant

“Stacy’s amazing healing powers helped me recover after being hit by a car while walking in an intersection! Not only did she help me physically…but spiritually too! Very happy I was guided to Stacy. She is a true healer, words just can’t explain.”  

“…After my second divorce, I had much soul searching to accomplish. Finally after struggling thru life for some seven years after the divorce, I found the Reiki services provided by Stacy Darby to be eye opening to say the least. Not only was Stacy able to clear my head of useless thoughts, she was able to bring out many painful aspects & clutter within me. Oddly, I was unable to “give up” my former Married life with my past partner. Thru Stacy’s unique and gifted talents I finally have moved on with my life and now maintain the ability to handle life’s daily tasks… I will never forget the physical forces being expelled from my body upon Stacy intuitively knowing what parts of my body needing to be “touched” with her genuine Love for her clients well being!”
John, Insurance Consultant

“Reiki sessions with Stacy Darby have complimented my Yoga practice. Reiki has enabled me to experience a deeper level of spiritual awareness which is transferable to my Yoga practice. For me the two practices of Reiki and Yoga share common spiritual ground. ”   
Ruy, Practicing “Yogi”

“Upon beginning the massage it became very apparent to me Stacy uses the energy from her hands to not only massage, but to heal as well. She was very unique in her transfer of energy and decisions on what to work on at any given point. Her massage was very relaxing, her vibe was absolutely amazing, and her energy was beyond any level I have experienced before. I will definitely go back and look forward to the next massage with great anticipation.

“…After the massage was where her strengths really began to appear. Her combination of words, beauty, and empathy led me to open up far more than I ever have in any session. I fought with whether I was making an ass out of myself, or whether God had presented me with an incredible opportunity to bless my life. I believe the latter to be the case, and for that reason I will go back. I do believe Stacy has an amazing gift. I feel she is very beautiful both inside and out.” 

“Thank you Stacy.  I really cherish all the work we have done together. You are an amazing healer and person and I always feel myself grow after each session.  I am very blessed meeting you.” 

…I really wanted to thank you back in August. I figure a late thank you is better than no thank you ! Thank you so much for the work you did on me ! I see it’s effects still ! I think one of the coolest thing about our session was that when I received a vision during our session of a clearing in a forest and me calling back all the animals and I said ” even you little crow ” . Since then crow has kind of been a symbol to follow, keeping me connected to a flow of life that is much more magical and loving. Thank you!”   

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