Spirit Feathers


To place an order please send an email to Stacy at lightessencehealingarts@gmail.com

Each wand is uniquely hand crafted. The primary feather tends to be that of Turkey, not only because it functions well as a wafting wand but also is used because the Turkey is revered as a Healer and a symbol for all of the blessings of the Earth. Turkey honors Spirit & Earth Mother.

Price: $45

In the larger wands Deer skin is primarily used to provide a smooth handle to gently hold while your innocence returns to its wild nature while in prayer, cleansing and in play.

Price: $40

Each wand seems to have a life and spirit all its own. I love making all of them and watching as they come into themselves. This particular wand is a personal favorite. There is something about its beauty and form that touches my heart in a unique way. This was the first that I included animal fur that I got while I was in Alaska for the Thirteen Grandmothers Gathering back in 2011. Bringing together the medicine of the four legged's and the winged ones, bridging the power in relationship of earth and sky.

Price: SOLD

These Spirit Feather healing smudge wands are created with love and a deep deep prayer for healing and transformation. I learn while I engage in the act of creation. The learning is continuous.

These mini-smudge wands were crafted with feathers that were found as messengers from spirit. It was these little gifts from the winged ones that inspired the name "Spirit Feathers". Have you ever found a feather and felt that Spirit was giving you a message of some sort? It is that relationship with Spirit that is inner woven within these little travel companions.

Mini Spirit Feathers $15-20

I would be happy to create a wand specifically for you that includes beads & colors of your choice!

This picture serves as another example of healing smudge wand created with the inclusion of more beads at the tale that make a rattle when wafting if let free to do so & also can be used in a pendulum like fashion over the energy centers. This healing smudge wand lays on my altar at home for personal use and accompanies me during ceremonial works.

Anastasia's Alchemy & Spirit Feathers are hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon.

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Feather Wands

All proceeds from Anastasia's Alchemy & Spirit Feathers go toward funding Stacy's adventure in the study of Chinese Medicine which will advance her ability to facilitate health & well-being.